Regulation E Software

Regulation E (Reg E) protects consumers who use EFTs, including granting them the right to file error claims that must be investigated and resolved within certain time frames.

For years, a financial institution’s only option of complying with Reg E was to use a manual process for handling errors. Whether internal forms or excel spreadsheets were utilized, handling the claims and tracking the process has been tricky. Back-end costs include:

  • A slowdown in work processes
  • Miscalculation of customer’s liability
  • Potential penalties for violating requirements of Reg E

WatchDOG® for Reg E:

  • Provides greater assurance claim processing adheres to regulatory requirements
  • Assists employees in obtaining critical information for determining an actual error or customer liability
  • Reduces training significantly
  • Lowers paper-based documentation significantly
  • Eliminates the need to reimburse the full transaction amount by, preventing overpayment
  • Ensures the customer receives full reimbursement as required by the law preventing underpayment
  • Provides tracking of all applicable timeframes, allowing completion of a more thorough investigation

Minimize losses and ensure Reg E compliance with WatchDOG for Reg E

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