WatchDOG® Elite IAT Software

WatchDOG Pro IAT Software

In addition to its sophisticated search algorithm and flexible integration capabilities for OFAC compliance scanning, CSI's WatchDOG Elite compliance software also offers advanced International ACH Transaction (IAT) processing, which makes complying with NACHA’s IAT rules easy and cost-effective.

Ease Your Compliance Burden, Enhance OFAC Compliance

Take advantage of all the capabilities of WatchDOG Elite IAT to:

  • Ease the burden of remaining compliant with NACHA’s IAT rules
  • Smoothly incorporate NACHA’s required IAT format into your existing operations
  • Upload and scan IAT source files
  • Configure options to scan ACH transactions, IAT transactions, or both increasing workflow and keeping your transactions moving
  • Download a clean file of all transactions that did not match any scanned lists
  • Perform due diligence and false positive resolution on potential matches with “Review and Resolve” functionality
  • Generate an IAT file from all transactions cleared during the due diligence review
  • Take advantage of automated batch processing with flexible, advanced IAT options to either “Scan and Mark” or “Scan and Split” an IAT file

Minimize the cost and time it takes to manually comply with NACHA's IAT rules at your institution. Contact CSI today to find out more about WatchDOG Elite IAT software and learn how a single solution can facilitate your IAT, OFAC, and other compliance needs.

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