Watch List Check for SalesForce

When you use all of your key account information is stored in the cloud. CSI’s Watch List Check for ensures compliance by screening this information including accounts, contacts and leads.  There are two ways available for you to screen watch lists:

One-click, real-time screening solution: This solution allows you to screen and decision the matches within the Salesforce application.  This option is available on the Salesforce App Exchange.

Automated batch scanning on a schedule that you define: Working in the background, this solution monitors changes to your accounts and/or contacts.  At a schedule that you determine, the data is automatically accumulated and sent for watch list screening.

Either solution enables you and your business to stay compliant by screening against more than 20 sanction lists including the OFAC, BIS and OSFI. Or, you can create a list that you assemble on your own. Both these web-based solutions features CSI's exclusive, advanced search algorithm that generates low false positive rates using advanced automated disqualification techniques and sophisticated matching  techniques allowing for “fuzzy” matching such as nicknames, spelling errors and/or other variations in data. Search tolerance can be set to meet your searching needs and match results are scored so that higher quality matches can be easily distinguished.

CSI keeps watch list screening quick and simple

All watch lists are updated in real time and hosted by CSI allowing you to concentrate on your business and not on maintaining watch lists.  Reporting is also made easy by Watch List Check for - six different reports can be generated giving you the ability to audit which accounts, contacts and leads have been screened.

You can purchase CSI's Watch List Check for on the AppExchange, or contact us today for more information or for a free Watch List Check 30-day trial



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